December 26, 2017

Pace American Trailers Has Tips for Choosing a Kart, Race Trailer, and Kart Racing Gear

Go kart racing, or karting, is a fun sport that the whole family can enjoy. A form of open-wheel motor sports, kart racing uses small, low, four-wheel vehicles. Kids as young as five can race, and there’s no upper age limit, nor athleticism, required to get started. You can find indoor and outdoor karting tracks across the US, and there are many racing levels. Karting often starts as a one-time adventure, but many people find that once they get a taste, they buy a kart and karting trailer, then hit the circuit for hours of enjoyment.

Why Go Karting?
Often, people use kart racing as a low-cost, relatively safe way to get into motor racing. However, it’s also a great way to learn sportsmanship and mechanical know-how—not to mention living out your Mario Kart fantasies!

Getting Started
Often, you’ll find indoor amusement centers offer kart racing for kids and families. These are great places to try out the sport to see if you like it without investing money in a kart and equipment. Next, go to a local track, observe, and ask questions. (You can find a local karting track with a quick internet search.)  As with many hobbies, karting enthusiasts love to talk about their sport and how you can get involved. This is also a good way to get to know the various classes and what type of kart is best for your age group, class of racing, course (oval track or road course), and budget.

Karting Equipment
You can usually rent a kart from the racing center (“arrive and drive”), but if you are going to make a hobby of it, most people decide to purchase a new or used kart. Visit a local kart shop to see what’s available, new and used, and get advice. Note: karts without engines are called “rollers”; karts with engines included are known as “completes.”

In addition to a kart, you’ll need some basic equipment, including: 

  • Helmet (buy new to be sure it hasn’t been involved in a crash previously)
  • Race suit (abrasion-resistant)
  • Rib and neck protection
  • Gloves
  • Kart race shoes/boots (must cover ankle)
  • Set of auto mechanic tools
  • Air compressor and tire gauge
  • Kart stand
  • Hand-held starter and lap timer
  • Fire extinguisher and first-aid kit
  • Transportation (large pickup truck, van, or race car trailer) 

If you have a large kart or more than one, an enclosed race car trailer, like one from the Pace American’s Pursuit line, will keep your kart and gear safe and clean while traveling. 

The Pursuit kart trailers come in a range of lengths and weights, all with sturdy construction and equipment to protect your investment. 

Standard features include: 

  • Tube Mainframe Construction
  • 4-Wheel Electric Brakes
  • White Vinyl Wall and Ceiling Liners
  • One-Piece Aluminum Roof
  • Ramp Door w/Spring Assist & 16” Ramp Extension
  • 48” Heavy-Duty Entry Door w/Flushlock and Metal Holdbacks
  • LED Tail Lights and Clearance Lights
  • (4) 5,000-lb. Recessed Bolted D-Rings
  • Beavertail
  • Automotive Undercoating
  • Limited 3-Year Warranty 

Your local Pace American dealer can show you how a kart racing trailer can make your karting hobby easier and more fun, and help you decide which one is right for you and your budget.