January 19, 2018











Harley-Davidson enthusiasts, mark your calendar! The iconic motorcycle celebrates its 115th anniversary, and you’re invited to the party. So, polish your bike, grab your gear, load up the motorcycle trailer, and let’s hit the road.

The 115th anniversary event will be held in the US, August 29-September 2, 2018, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Harley’s hometown. It all gets started with a Welcome Home party at Veterans Park on August 29, and ends with a parade of thousands of bikes, riders, and spectators on September 2nd. Many other events have already been planned, and some are still being finalized. Here is a partial list of the celebrations you can look forward to.

DESTINATION RIDES – So far, destination rides include a trip to the Powertrain Operations factory and Juneau Avenue Headquarters to look behind the scenes, a ride to all seven local Harley Davidson (H-D) dealerships and the H-D Museum, and a day trip to the unique city of Milwaukee itself.

MUSEUM TOURS – The H-D Museum is definitely not a musty, rusty place. From gleaming engines and candy-colored tanks to interactive design exhibits, enthusiasts of all ages and types can learn about H-D history, culture, and engineering. During the 115th Anniversary period (Wednesday-Sunday), the Harley-Davidson Museum will offer general admission on a timed-entry basis. Visitors will have the opportunity to reserve their preferred entry date and time online in advance of their visit, providing them with priority access into the Museum. There will also be events on the museum grounds that are free and open to the public.

Planned racing and competitions, including:

  • Run What You Brung and Drag Races at Great Lakes Dragaway*
  • Flat Track Racing*
  • HOG® and Police Skill Riding Competitions 

*all events are subject to change 

HOG® 35TH CELEBRATION - There will be special activities celebrating 35 years of H.O.G., with event planning already underway. More details will be available in early 2018.

Plus tours and events at the H-D Facility, bike shows, demos on the historic Milwaukee Mile, and much more.

There is no entry fee to visit Milwaukee during the anniversary event, but participating in some events and food venues may have a small charge. Find lodging options in Milwaukee at, and learn about camping and trailer parking information at Wisconsin Campgrounds 

Before you go, make sure your motorcycles are in tip-top shape: 

  • Check all fluids and top off or replace as necessary.
  • Look for worn parts and replace or carry a spare.
  • Check tires for wear and air. Make adjustments.
  • If you have an enclosed motorcycle trailer, give your bike a thorough cleaning and polishing before loading. If you plan to ride or haul your bike in an open trailer or vehicle, cover it securely with a tarp to keep off road dirt, rocks, and other debris, and plan to wash it at your destination. 

This is also a good time to consider a Pace American enclosed motorcycle trailer. The benefits of enclosed motorcycle trailers include: 

  • Protecting your bikes from road damage and the elements within a tube mainframe, and under a one-piece aluminum roof. Plus, torsion axles offer a smoother ride.
  • Keeping your bikes safe from dings and falls by locking it up tight with motorcycle chocks. There are also floor E-tracks for secure tie-downs.
  • Easy and safe loading on a ramp door with spring assists, 12” ramp extension and transition flap.
  • Plus, the option to install cabinets to store your helmets, gloves, jackets, maintenance supplies, and other gear.

Visit your local Pace Trailers dealer to select the right motorcycle trailer for you, and get it in plenty of time to celebrate with the next Harley-Davidson anniversary in Milwaukee!