March 26, 2018

Pace American Has Put Together Some of the Most Popular Apps for Safety and Convenience

The days when you had to sit in traffic and stop at a gas station to ask directions are gone. Thankfully, now when you take your enclosed cargo trailer on the road, you can plot your route ahead of time, alter it on the fly around standstill traffic, and never worry about making it to the next gas station to fill up, because there’s an app for all of that.

In fact, there’s a driving app for just about everything—including road journeys. Pace American Trailers has put together a list of the 10 best driving apps to help you and your cargo trailer have safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable road trips, whether you’re headed across town or cross-country.

1. Roadtrippers. When you’re taking a road trip, Roadtrippers is an app you should look at. This travel planning app will help you find the best route, estimate fuel costs, book hotels, and source places of interest along the way.

2. Waze. This traffic app will help you avoid tie-ups, speed traps, and road hazards, thanks to real-time crowd-sourcing from members. Very helpful when you need to get to a client in a hurry or just plan your most efficient route, this app can show you the ways. 

3. iOnRoad. Towing enclosed cargo trailers calls for extra vigilance and extra time for stopping. Using your smartphone’s native camera and sensors to detect vehicles in front of the vehicle, this app alerts drivers when they are in danger. It calculates the vehicle’s speed relative to objects in front of the driver, flashing an audio-visual warning that allows you to brake in time.

4. iExit. If you drive your cargo trailer on the Interstate a lot, this app will help you find the perfect pit stops. Using your GPS, it shows you which exits are coming up and the cost and brands of fuel offered, types of food and beverages served, closest hotels, and where you can save money. It works on any interstate highway across the U.S.

5. Gas Buddy. Fuel prices vary from station to station, town to town, and day by day. But you’ll always know where to buy gas at the best price with Gas Buddy. You can search by town, zip code, and type of fuel (regular, diesel, etc.) and get a list or map display. Whether you use your cargo trailer for business or personal travel, fuel economy is always an important consideration.

6. TripLog. Tracking your mileage for business and tax purposes can save you money. But it can be a pain. This feature-rich app makes it easy. It automatically records trips and categorizes them based on your preferences.

7. Repair Pal. When you put a lot of miles on your vehicle, at some point, it’s going to need repairs. This app helps you find a qualified shop and estimate repairs based on your make and model.

8. AAA Mobile App. If you’re a Triple-A member, this app will quickly connect you to roadside assistance and other benefits, providing maps, revealing discounts near you (on the map screen or by search), and allowing you to conduct other AAA business (such as adding a member or updating your information) in one spot.

9. Spot Hero. Looking for a parking spot? It can be tough to find places to park a vehicle with a trailer in tow. This app can be helpful by locating parking spaces in cities and towns across the U.S.

10. Automatic. Using a plug-in adapter, this app connects to your onboard computer and reports back data like mileage, engine health, gas usage, and performance. It turns your car into a smart car.

Now that you have your apps, all you need is a cargo trailer for your business or personal journeys. Visit one of our knowledgeable and helpful dealers for help determining which Pace American trailer meets your needs.