Mobile Office Trailers to Meet Your Business Needs – Trailer Office Safety

June 29, 2017

Custom Mobile Offices for the Oilfield, Gas Industry, and how to Create a Safe Jobsite

Jobsites in the oilfield, gas or construction industries are very busy places prone to serious safety hazards and accidents. It's fairly obvious that safety and health hazards can exist on worksites filled with heavy machinery and equipment, where employees are often required to engage in strenuous manual labor. While safety precautions and regulations on the worksite are strictly enforced while operating heavy machinery, these common principles of safety should also apply to all areas of a jobsite; even within and around sheltered areas of the job site, like a cargo trailer office. Ensuring workplace safety is crucial across all industries. Whether employees are working in an industrial setting or on remote jobsites, safety should be a top concern among employees and employers. Diligently following guidelines and safety precautions for ideally placing and installing your trailer office can decrease the number of potential hazards tremendously. Below, we cover some safety rules and tips for the jobsite office that should be followed to alleviate the potential dangers associated with offices located in these fields of work. 

Providing a Pace American Wildcat Mobile Office Trailer as a self-contained heavy-duty trailer ensures safety and efficiency for the worksite. These fully customizable trailer mobile offices are capable of so much more than any standard modular office, and are highly effective on rough terrain, making them the ideal set-up for jobsites in the construction, oil and gas industries. Our readily accessible mobile office solution keeps your business operations on-track, safe, and running smoothly. No matter the location or specific safety needs required of your jobsite, the Wildcat trailer comes as custom as needed.

Take your search for the perfect cargo office trailer for your business no further than the Wildcat. With the numerous hazards associated with jobsites in these industries, you can protect your entire crew, even those in administration, or those who may not be operating machinery at all times, with a durable office trailer from Pace American. With plenty of standard features in addition to premium upgrades to fit your specific needs, you can customize your next jobsite from top to bottom. In addition to nine striking color options available, these custom mobile office trailers can be  equipped with the Generator Package to ensure a long-lasting and effective workspace, where crew members can manage projects and meet in shelter during unpredictable weather. It is important to consider safety, accessibility, and comfort when selecting the right trailer for your business. There are various options to consider for ramps, stairs, awnings, skirting, interior furnishings and more.

Advantages of Our Wildcat Cargo Trailer Offices:

  • Self Contained
  • Effective on Rough Terrain
  • Generator Package Available
  • Highly Mobile Office
  • Quick Build Program
  • Available at Multiple Plants across the United States

For long-term jobsite stays, considerable preparation can be, but is not always, required before setting up your mobile trailer office. You might want to take into account; leveling, soil type, utility lines, as well as determine the need for tie-downs or anchors. An ideal site is often free of debris, vegetation, and any overhead tree-branches or wires that would interfere with overhead measurements, width and length clearances, as well as any expected measurements for the vehicle transporting the trailer.

As with any building, a cargo trailer office needs a strong foundation to be installed securely to the ground and is raised up enough for ramp accessibility, protection against flooding, ground moisture, and proper utility connection, if applicable. It is advised to consider anchors or tie-downs, depending on the climate of the area of your jobsite, because areas of high winds might require more adequate and secure protection. Tie-down requirements and regulations for mobile trailer offices vary from state to state, while some do not require them at all. Make sure you check with your state’s regulations before setting up your jobsite trailer.  Climate change has made virtually all seaside areas hurricane prone, and many landlocked areas prone to tornados and high winds. Planning tie-downs for your trailer office in these scenarios is a good idea for extra protection from the unexpected. 

Aside from determining if anchors are necessary, office trailers should be placed on a level, firm surface – usually asphalt, gravel, or compressed dirt. Depending on your custom office build, your site may need to be placed near accessible utilities. Underground utility lines must be clearly marked before any digging may be required, and the ground should be fully staked to indicate placement of where and how the mobile office is to be positioned. When determining the footprint required for your mobile office, providing an additional 5-6 more feet to the length is recommended to avoid trouble parking it during installation. Space beyond this extra length should also be considered to provide ample areas for crew members’ parking, any guest vehicles for drop-offs, or pick-ups. The site around the structure should have a sizable driveway for crew and any expected deliveries. 

In addition to customizing and building the perfect jobsite office trailer for your business, it is important that employers develop an emergency action plan to address foreseeable emergencies that the employer can expect in the workplace. Some key components of developing an emergency action plan are:

  • Emergency escape procedures and routes for employees to evacuate in the event of an emergency.
  • How to account for all employees following an evacuation.
  • Any necessary rescue and medical duties assigned for employees able to perform them.
  • The preferred means of reporting fires and other emergencies.
  • Names and job titles of people responsible for the emergency action plan.

Thanks to Pace American’s quick-build program, these custom mobile jobsite office trailers are available from multiple plants and dealers near you across the United States. Our portable offices provide all of the comforts of traditional office space when and where you need it. So, take advantage of these impressive Wildcat trailers and get on your way to a job well done.