Latest Landscaping Equipment Trends from Pace American

September 25, 2018

When was the last time you shopped for new landscaping equipment? If it’s been a few years, you may be surprised to learn that many mowers, blowers, and other gear have become more environmentally friendly and do a better—and safer—job on difficult terrain. There are even mowing robots! As a leader in enclosed landscape trailers, the team at Pace American Trailers has put together a list of landscape equipment trends you should check out to stay up to date.

Cutting the cord
Gas-powered landscaping equipment has been popular with professionals who need to cover a large area without being tethered to an outlet. But, with gas comes emissions, and homeowners are requesting greener solutions. Fortunately, battery-powered equipment has improved, running longer and with more power than in the past. They now compete on a level field with gas-powered equipment and have the advantage of being quieter and more environmentally friendly. 

Alternative fuels
Along with battery-powered and other electric tools gaining ground, landscaping experts also see other alternative sources of energy powering their equipment. Many have switched to propane, which is considered safer for the environment as well as less expensive than conventional gas. Propane ignites at a higher temperature, making it less likely to catch fire, and, because it’s non-toxic, if it spills it won’t contaminate the air, water, or soil. Want to go even greener? There are now many options for solar-powered mowers, as well as landscape lighting and other equipment and accessories. 

Robotic and zero-turn mowers
Robotic and zero-turn mowers are on the cutting edge of landscape technology. Though robotics have been growing in popularity since the 1990s, they are really taking off now as the tech improves and prices come down. Also, more landscape professionals are starting to see robotics as an asset because they can mow areas like steep banks and busy roadsides—places that are dangerous to humans. According to experts, zero-turn mowers are starting to outsell tractors because they are easier to maneuver, more efficient, faster, and less strenuous.

Safety equipment for landscape workers has existed for decades, but more landscapers and crews are using it to protect themselves from injury. Landscaping tools and equipment can be loud—up to 95 decibels—and hearing damage can occur even with limited exposure to noise in the 85-90 decibel range. Ear protectors (the ones that look like headphones) are not that expensive, and worth it to protect your hearing. In addition, safety glasses, work gloves, and steel-toed work boots will keep you and your workers safe from head to toe.

Another piece of equipment that will help landscape workers avoid injury is a landscaping trailer. It’s much easier on the body to load machinery, hand tools, and heavy supplies into landscape trailers via a ramp than hoisting it up repeatedly into truck beds or vans. 

Pace American enclosed landscape trailers come in a variety of sizes and have features like heavy-duty ramps, tool mounting rails, kick plates, and more—plus plenty of up-to-the-minute customizing options. Contact your local Pace American dealer to find the best landscaping trailer for your landscape business.