6 New Trends in the Food Truck Market

March 11, 2019

We Help Put Your Concession Trailer to Good Use

Food truck businesses became super popular in the late 2000s, when people were looking for alternative employment—or a side income—in the wake of the financial crisis. All you needed was a concession trailer (aka vending trailer), a license, and a product—and you were in business.

Today, food trucks are still popular, even though the economy is better, but some aspects of the business have changed. If you’re just starting a food truck business or you want to see your sales increase, we suggest you consider adopting some of these trending products and services.

1. Healthy food choices

Though there will always be a customer for fried Oreos and pork barbecue, today more people are looking for healthy options. Low- or no-carb offerings, leafy salads, fresh fruit, and leaner cuts of meat will help your business appeal to a wider range of patrons.

2. Eco-friendly and cruelty-free options

Millennials and the younger Gen Z customers prefer organic, non-GMO, and sustainable foods, and vegan menu choices are a must these days.

3. Non-alcoholic beverages

Younger people drink less soda than their elders, and they like variety. You can attract them with an array of non-alcoholic beverages, from cold-brew coffee and flavored ice teas, to gourmet lemonade, mocktails, and coconut water.

4. “New” ethnic foods

Of course, they’ve been around forever, but the trendiest food truck cuisines today are African, Peruvian, and Middle Eastern.

5. Cash alternatives

Fewer people carry cash these days, so more concessionaires are accepting virtual payments like Venmo and Apple Pay,along withcredit and debit cards. 

6. Internet-friendly service

People love their phones, so if you can provide a WI-FI hotspot, that’s a plus. In addition, social media is increasingly important to helping new and repeat customers find you and learn what’s new on the menu.

You can keep up with food truck trends and stand out from the competition when you choose a quality vending trailer. At Pace American, you can customize each of our three models with countertops, sinks, non-skid flooring, doors, windows, porches, awnings, and up to nine exterior colors. Contact your local Pace dealer to create the perfect mobile storefront to advance your food truck business.