October 31, 2016


Pace American knows how to customize the consumer experience. From the moment they land on the website or step foot on the dealership, customers have their pick from more than a dozen custom cargo trailer options. There are classic every-occasion cargo haulers, aluminum snowmobile trailers, unique food trailers, as well as units built for show and display purposes. After choosing which trailer best suits your needs, numerous popular options and convenient upgrades really set a Pace American trailer apart from the competition. 

Visit the custom trailers section of the Pace American website and you’re sure to find plenty of popular options and premium upgrades, like some of the ones listed below. 

  • Looking for a little added security to keep your toys and equipment safe? The Pursuit race car trailer can be equipped with a cam bar on the side door.
  • Want to add some more breathability inside the trailer? A non-powered roof vent is a perfect addition and available on most trailers across the lineup.
  • Using the highest quality materials, the contractor trailer can provide its own interior lighting with a translucent roof.
  • The contractor trailers can also be upgraded for the toughest of job sites, with rubber coin flooring, ladder racks and even an integrated ladder on the rear door.
  • With tons of space, the Shadow GT custom race car trailer is one of the most popular race car haulers in America. Make it a stacker for all of your car transportation needs.
  • Opt for recessed E-Tracks that are mounted on the floor or along the walls for ample tie down and extra storage opportunities.
  • Every tow should have a spare tire on hand, for life’s unforeseen interruptions. Pace American trailers allow you to add one, as well as a spare tire carrier on select units.
  • Extra square D-rings and surface mount rope rings work in tandem with the E-tracks, or independently if you simply need more ways to tie down your cargo.
  • Choose a jobsite trailer or our heavily-customizable Wildcat mobile office trailer and you can add shelf and cabinet space, integrated tables, washing stations and much more. 

For Pace American trailer owners, size is important. Whether you’re looking for a nimble hauler to follow you up mountain curves and over uneven terrain or a large auto hauler to provide the payload capacity you need, our 5’, 6’ and 7’ wide models employ versatility for the way you work. 

A custom built trailer at 5’ can provide just the right amount of space you need for a project, while a 6’ or 7’ wide model can help store larger equipment you don’t want kept in your garage, shed or driveway. At 8.5’ wide, there’s plenty of space for you to pack away the goods and not worry about the trailer’s handling capabilities. Custom trailer sizes for custom occasions. 


Pace American also offers a lineup of trailer packages that are sure to fit a wide-spectrum of needs, whether that’s a warm weather jobsite or a cold mountain ascent. 

  • Heater Package
  • A 34,000 BTU furnace with thermostat keeps things nice and warm inside
  • Space for your gear? You’ll get glove hangers and a heated helmet cabinet
  • A dual 20-lb propane tank and deep cycle battery keep you going on long hauls
  • For safety, a fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide detector are also included


  • Ultimate Escape Package
  • This package comes with an available electric or manual locking assembly
  • Perfect for cars with low doors at 84” wide x 70” tall and a 4” door clearance
  • This package means ramp-overs are not necessary
  • Comes with convenient removable aluminum fenders


  • The Appearance Package
  • The appearance package brings style and function, with aluminum tread plating (ATP) on the V-nose, front corners of the V-nose, on the rear header and rear cornerposts, as well as on the fenders.
  • 12”H ATP exterior roadside and curbside lower bottom panels really improve the protection and the curb appeal.
  • Radial tires give you extra strength and reliability on long journeys through changing temperatures and on uneven roads.


Pace American offers a swath of colors to make your hauler uniquely yours. If you’re running a concession stand, you’ll probably want your custom food trailer to look just as great as the merchandise inside. Depending on your trailer selection, you can choose from simple colors, like white, silver mist, pewter metallic and black. Or for an upgraded experience, you can go with a flashy victory red, crisp indigo blue or even a refined champagne or brandywine hue. 

The top-to-bottom customizations don’t stop there. Pace American trailers can even be fitted with the rims of your choice. 

Choose from an optional selection of seven unique trailer rims.

  • Modular aluminum rims to match an aluminum exterior
  • Matte finish black rims are sleek and understated when they hit the road
  • V-spoke and Split-spoke aluminum rims add flair to your ride
  • A Chrome wheel cover catches every eye and pops against premium color choices 

Pace American produces custom enclosed trailers of all types and sizes to handle whatever task you throw at them. Or better yet, whatever task you tow them to. 

Explore Pace American’s lineup of quality custom trailers, from contractor trailers, race car trailers, concession trailers and more. Ready to purchase your own? Use our DEALER LOCATOR to find plenty of custom trailers for sale near you.