January 31, 2017


Delivering solid customer service and top-of-the-line Pace American trailer options out of Green Bay, Wisconsin, the team at Bay Trailer Depot continues to demonstrate what can occur when you combine a knowledgeable group of experts with a quality product. This small team managed to turn over big-time sales in just a few years’ time, growing the number of trailers on their lot from a mere 15 when they first started to more than 150 on their lot today. The most impressive aspect of their growth is how it was achieved: it wasn’t a result of deep pockets or lucrative bank financing but, instead, just good old-fashioned hard work and expert know-how. 


John Weiland, owner of Bay Trailer Depot, recently spoke with us about his team and how far they’ve come in such a short amount of time. Weiland credited a large part of the dealership’s success to the company’s relationship with Pace American and the superior quality of the products they sell. Pace American is Bay Trailer Depot’s biggest supplier, with their enclosed cargo trailers making up a large chunk of the units on their lot. And, while they sell more than just enclosed trailers, Pace American’s first-class lineups have been a crucial piece of the dealership’s exponential growth. 

When asked about their key customer demographics, Weiland explained that, “There’s no good answer to that because we sell to everyone. From commercial companies to home-owners, construction companies or even to someone looking for an ATV trailer to store their new toy.” At Bay Trailer Depot, there is no standard customer, which allows Weiland and his team to provide a wide variety of services to meet consumer needs. 

The Wisconsin dealership is really an all-purpose trailer depot, offering a whole host of services; ranging from routine maintenance services—which they provide inside their heated workshop—to offering tons of parts and accessories, and even rental services. As Weiland puts it, “We cater to everyone.” 


As with any small team, the members that make up Bay Trailer Depot wear multiple hats throughout the business. Weiland himself runs sales and purchasing, while his wife (and co-owner) Shelly is in charge of running the entire office, as well as managing the front-end of the business. Matt Potthier’s contributions are a huge part of the dealership’s growth, as he is a jack-of-all-trades, handling sales and helping to expand their service offerings. The dealership’s newest full-time employee, Cody VanWychen, has been a great addition to the team, focusing on sales and service areas. In charge of their advertising efforts is Mikko, who also doubles as a shop and service employee. With sales continuing their uphill trend, the Bay Trailer Depot team is sure to continue its growth. 

However, in the beginning it was just Weiland on staff; one man with a plan for bigger and better things. Shortly after college, Weiland found himself working for a military trailer manufacturer. He was working on growing that business through dealerships when the light bulb went on. He realized his hometown of Green Bay, WI, was lacking a trailer dealer that offered high-end products at a price that couldn’t be beat. 

“I saw an opportunity in Green Bay for a full-service dealership that offered top-of-the-line products. At the moment, there was no one meeting that need, and it was a good location. I knew I could fill a niche there.” The rest, as they say, is history. 

Weiland knew he wanted to work with Pace American right out of the gate. He’d always targeted them as a manufacturer to align himself with. So, once the opportunity came around in January of 2014, Bay Trailer Depot took stock of Pace’s enclosed cargo trailers. Within 11-months, this Wisconsin dealership quickly became a top-five Pace American dealer and they’ve remained as such ever since. 


We wanted to know what it is that sets Pace American apart from the competition according to Weiland. Quick to respond, he explained, “It’s their fit and finish. Compared to others, what they offer is superior.” When it comes down to it, Weiland believes that dollar-for-dollar, no one has a better product than Pace American. 

Expanding upon the results they’ve seen from Pace’s enclosed cargo trailer lineup, Weiland had plenty to offer. “We love Pace American trailers, and our customers love them, too. Our customers’ response has been fantastic and the price is next to impossible to beat.” Not only a quality trailer that seemed to ring true with the customer base, Weiland likened their success with selling Pace products to the employees and service teams that work there. “They’ll bend over backwards to help dealers and their customers. They’ll do whatever they can to take care of them and they go the extra mile to make us happy.” 

“Customers have flat-out said that [competitor offerings elsewhere] are not what we’ve seen here at Bay Trailer Depot.” Weiland and the team have built their dealership by representing only the highest-end manufacturers, and that’s exactly how they’d like to be known. “A high-end dealer, but with can’t-be-beat prices. We always want to be known that way.” 


If these last few years are any indication, the future holds limitless opportunity for the team at Bay Trailer Depot. Currently, Weiland has begun to look forward to possible expansions up north and to the west. They’d love to build a new facility or two in the near future, even looking at land off the highway in order to build a new showroom, service shop and trailer lot for customers to enjoy. Weiland wants to make it clear just how important Pace American has been toward their growth. “Without them and their product line, we may not be here. They’ve helped us grow and because of that, Pace will be a major part of our expansions and our future.” 

This multi-faceted team of professionals reaped the rewards of a long and successful year in trailer sales and service by enjoying a nice Christmas dinner, not only to celebrate the holiday, but the hard work that got them all to this point. “Our team deserves gifts and a celebration for their hard work and for all that they do. I couldn’t ask for better people.” 

Whether you’re in the market for a new enclosed cargo trailer, need service on your existing unit or need a new trailer for your ATV, snowmobile or work storage purposes, stop in and meet the team at Bay Trailer Depot. Think of it as your one-stop shop for Pace American quality and good old-fashioned customer service. 

Bay Trailer Depot

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Howard WI, 54313

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