Rated: Better

Journey® SE Cargo Trailer

High Value, High Content

Standard Features

  • Round Top Round Front
  • 16" On-Center Crossmembers
  • 16" On-Center Tube Sidewalls
  • Safety Chains
  • 2k Coupler Mounted Jack
  • Superlube Hubs
  • 15" Silver Steel Wheels
  • High Performance Wood Walls
  • 3/4" High Performance Wood Flooring
  • Automotive Undercoating
  • Lauan Ceiling Liner Strip
  • Bullet LED Marker and Clearance Lights
  • See our spec sheet standard features for more details
  • *Standard features may vary by plant and location and are subject to change. Please consult with your dealer.

Standard Colors


Optional Colors


Journey® SE Round Front Cargo Trailer

Elevate Your Hauling Experience
Building upon the rugged platform of Journey® SE, we present our Journey® SE Round Front Cargo Trailer. Elevate your journey with enhanced features and style that redefine what an enclosed cargo trailer can be. Designed for those who demand more from their trailers, the Journey® SE Round Front Cargo Trailer offers a combination of affordability, aesthetics, and performance that's simply unparalleled.

What Sets Journey® SE Apart?
Available Models: Choose the Journey® SE Round Front Cargo Trailer that suits your needs best. Available in both a round top, round front and flat top, sloped V-Nose configuration, we offer a range of sizes to accommodate various cargo volumes, ensuring you get the perfect fit for your hauling requirements. Whether you're transporting equipment, merchandise, or personal belongings, there's an Journey® SE Round Front Cargo Trailer that's tailored just for you.

Round Top with Round Front

Single Idler Axle: 6x10' - 6x14'
Single Brake Axle: 7x12'
Tandem Brake Axle: 6x12', 7x14' - 7x20', 8.5x16 - 8.5x24'


Single Axle Idler GVWR: 2990#
Single Axle Brake GVWR: 3500# - 5000#
Tandem Axle Brake GVWR: 7000# - 14000#

Key Standard Features:The Journey® SE Round Front Cargo Trailer is packed with features that go beyond the ordinary, making it stand out as the "Better" choice. These standard features include:

Full Height Crossmembers: Supported by a tube main frame and featuring 16" on-center full-height crossmembers, the Journey® SE's unibody frame boasts a sturdy foundation that guarantees durability and reliability.
Structural Steel Tube Wall Studs and Roof Bows: Enhanced by steel tube roof bows and 16" on-center steel tube wall studs, the Element SE provides unparalleled structural integrity, ensuring your cargo remains secure on every journey.
Drop Spring Axles with Superlube Hubs: Journey® SE is equipped with drop spring axles featuring superlube hubs, ensuring a smooth and reliable ride while providing low-maintenance operation.
High-performance Wood Walls and Trim: More robust and durable interiors ensure your cargo is safe and secure throughout the haul.
3/4" High-performance Wood Flooring: Offering exceptional load-bearing capacity, the sturdy, stable deck flooring is ideal for heavy cargo and equipment.
Automotive Undercoat: Protects your trailer from road debris and the elements, adding to its overall longevity.
Integrated Backup Lights: Slimline LED taillights with integrated backup lights enhance visibility and safety, ensuring your presence is known on the road without the need to purchase and install aftermarket lights.
VHB Bonded, Screwless Exterior: The screwless, .030 aluminum exterior with color-matching rear wraps is adds a sleek and stylish look to your trailer.
Seamless Aluminum Roof: The seamless aluminum roof is superior to sectioned, galvanized roofing options and enhances protection against rain and other environmental factors, maintaining the integrity of your cargo.
Aluminum Framed Entry Door: The aluminum frame side door with flush lock provides easy access while enhancing security.
Rear Ramp or Double Doors: Choose between a rear ramp with assist and 12" extension or double swing doors configurations, tailoring your trailer to your loading preferences.
Sidewall Airflow Vents: Ensure proper ventilation during transit

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