Spotlight: Legacy Premium Motorcycle Trailers

January 16, 2019

Serious motorcycle enthusiasts know a reliable motorcycle trailer is vital to keeping their bikes safe, secure, and protected from the elements when they’re being stored or transported. That’s why so many serious bikers and professional motorcycle teams rely on a Legacy Motorcycle Trailer from Pace American. This series delivers everything you demand in quality, function, and style.

Let’s take a look at the features of these bike haulers.

The Legacy Motorcycle Trailer This premium enclosed motorcycle trailer comes with a load of sought-after standard features and plenty of options to customize it to your needs.

Boasting tube mainframe construction with 16” on-center tube sidewalls and 24” on-center roof bows and frame, this model also includes a ¾” floor, two-wheel chocks, and a six-piece floor e-track to keep your bikes securely in place without jostling.

And, the Legacy doesn’t skimp on looks. This enclosed trailer starts with a one-piece aluminum roof complemented by a screwless two-tone bonded exterior with a bright strip. Which means, when you show up with this trailer in tow, people will know you mean business. Add in 24” of polished aluminum or MESA on the lower exterior and rear, plus white vinyl walls and ceiling on the interior, for a clean, sleek look.

And that’s just a sample of the standard equipment. Popular options include a range of exterior colors, flame decals, a helmet cabinet, e-track adapter straps, and surface mount rope rings, among many others.

The Aluminum Motorcycle Trailer
But, let’s say you prefer an enclosed motorcycle trailer that’s more lightweight, yet still has plenty of advantages. That’s where Legacy’s aluminum motorcycle trailers come in.

These trailers are made with an aluminum alloy that’s comparable to the strength of steel, yet don’t weigh as much. That means you can carry a heavier payload. The lighter weight, combined with an aerodynamic V-nose shape, results in better mileage that saves money on gas. Plus, aluminum doesn’t rust, meaning care and cleaning is easy and your trailer will still look great if you ever decide to sell.

What’s more, you still get all the stability and convenience features you’re looking for in an enclosed motorcycle trailer, including:

  • Tube frame (24” on-center), 16” on-center sidewalls, and 24” on-center roof bows
  • Torsion axles
  • ¾” floor
  • Screwless exterior and one-piece aluminum roof to prevent leaks
  • Eight 5,000-lb. D-rings (installed)
  • Removable chocks
  • White vinyl floor and ceiling
  • Two-tone exterior with chrome polish
  • 32” side door with flush lock
  • Ramp door and extension

Customize your aluminum trailer with a generous number of options, including a helmet cabinet in the V-nose (saves space), recessed e-track, e-track adapter straps, a deluxe dome light, and an exterior porch light with switch.

However, and wherever, you ride, there’s a Legacy Motorcycle Trailer that will get you and your bikes where you need to go, whether it’s a rally, a race, or the open road. Contact your local Pace dealer for all the details.