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Cargosport® Aero Wedge Car Hauler

Custom Option, Premium Investment

Standard Features

  • Flat Top
  • 30" Aero Wedge with Radius Nose
  • 16" On-Center Crossmembers
  • 6" Tongue Extension
  • 16" On-Center Tube Sidewalls
  • 78" Interior Height
  • 16" On-Center Roof Bows
  • 2-5/16" Adjustable Ball Coupler
  • *See our spec sheet standard features for more details
  • *Standard features may vary by plant and location and are subject to change. Please consult with your dealer.

Standard Colors


Optional Colors

Emerald Green

The Cargosport® Aero Wedge Car Hauler is a versatile trailer designed for transporting cars and other vehicles. It comes with a range of standard features that make it a reliable and efficient option for hauling. The trailer has a flat top with a 30" Aero Wedge and a radius nose, providing a streamlined design. ​ It also has 16" on-center cross-members and tube sidewalls, ensuring strength and durability. ​ The interior height of 78" allows for ample space to accommodate vehicles of various sizes.

The Cargosport® Aero Wedge Car Hauler is equipped with a 2-5/16" adjustable ball coupler and safety chains for secure towing. ​ It features torsion brake axles with superlube hubs, providing smooth and reliable braking performance. ​ The trailer has high-performance wood walls and 3/4" high-performance wood flooring, offering excellent strength and resistance to wear and tear. It also has automotive undercoating for added protection against corrosion.

The Cargosport® Aero Wedge Car Hauler comes with a range of exterior features, including smooth aluminum fender flares, a screwless exterior, and a 24" tall straight ATP stone guard. ​ It has LED marker and clearance lights, as well as slimline LED tail lights with an integrated backup light for enhanced visibility on the road. ​ The trailer is available in different colors, including white, black, silver, pewter, and charcoal.

For easy access, the Cargosport® Aero Wedge Car Hauler has a 36" wide entry door with a flush lock and an interior recessed step. ​ It also features a rear ramp door with a spring assist and a 16" wood ramp flap with a bullnose cap. ​ The trailer is equipped with sidewall vents for proper ventilation.

The Cargosport® Aero Wedge Car Hauler is available in various models, ranging from 7K to 14K GVWR. The 7K models have a 7000 GVWR, while the 14K model has a 14000 GVWR. The main frame of the trailer is made of 6" tube, with a 32" or 48" beavertail, depending on the model. ​ The tongue is an 8" A-frame triple tube tongue, and the trailer is equipped with superlube hubs.

In terms of safety, the Cargosport® Aero Wedge Car Hauler is equipped with a breakaway battery with a switch and DOT red/white conspicuity for enhanced visibility. It also has (4) 5K D-rings for securing the load.

Overall, the Cargosport® Aero Wedge Car Hauler is a reliable and versatile trailer that offers a range of features to ensure safe and efficient transportation of vehicles. Its sturdy construction, convenient access, and safety features make it an excellent choice for car hauling needs.