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Pace motorcycle trailers are the perfect Alaska road trip complement

At Pace American, we can’t think of a road trip more memorable than an Alaska motorcycle trip from the Lower 48, especially with a Pace motorcycle trailer in tow. With the summer motorcycle season revving up, we put together an Alaska motorcycle road trip planner for some inspiration:

Pace’s Alaska motorcycle road trip planner

  • Jamie Jensen, the author of Road Trip USA, offers tips to mastering the road trip. First, take things slow … you’ll enjoy the journey even more. In fact, try approaching the road trip without a To Do list. (Imagine how refreshing that would be!) To build on this slow approach, Jensen recommends taking detours, getting lost and stopping to talk to people (and not because you need directions). 
  • ranks the 155-mile journey in Alaska on Highway 1 from Anchorage to Seward as one of America’s 10 most scenic road trips. This jaunt is the best way to check out wildlife right on the roadway, Escape Here says. For the rider who enjoys taking photos along the way, the northern countryside and beautiful coastline will fill your camera. Portage Glacier, Alyeksa Resort, Chugach State Park and Potter Marsh Wildlife Refuge are highlights along the way.
  • also favors the 1,500-mile Alaska Highway. Once a bumpy dirt road, the highway is now modern and maintained. Expect some construction delays in small sections, but don’t stress … driving is smooth for the most part. Go during the summer because visitor amenities, gasoline stations, food options and lodging stops are readily available along this stretch.
  • For only $99.95 on, it’s a great idea to purchase the Great Alaskan TourSaver (online or at Alaskan locations). The ultimate travel coupon book, it’s a two-for-one book loaded with maps, resources and 130 coupons! The book will save you a lot of money. While you’re at it, snag a Milepost travel guide. It’s considered the bible for traveling through Alaska.
  • Make sure you stop every now and then to take your motorcycle out for a spin. The highway officially begins in Dawson Creek, British Columbia. To reach “Mile Zero,” Travel Alaska recommends driving north on Highway 97 through British Columbia, or driving through Alberta’s high prairie westward to Dawson Creek. Local roads extend the route from Seattle, Wash., to Fairbanks for a total drive of 2,313 miles. Some of the world’s most spectacular state and national parks are along the Alaska Highway, perfect for motorcycle day trips.
  • Parts of the interior of Alaska have roads, but some areas can only be accessed by plane or ferry. The Alaska Marine Highway ferry system takes you to the Inside Passage and Aleutian Islands. The ferry system allows vehicles on board. Stop for a jaunt on the ferry, followed by an unforgettable motorcycle ride.
  • A motorcycle trailer can help protect your bike when the elements are less favorable during your cross-country jaunt. With three Pace models to choose from, including the lightweight Legacy aluminum motorcycle trailer, you’ll agree that venturing away from the Lower 48 will be your best idea yet.