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Outback® DLX Cargo Trailer

Your Affordable Hauling Solution.

Light Duty, Economy, Entry-Level, Price Point

Standard Features

  • 24" On-Center Roof Bows
  • Safety Chains
  • 2k Coupler Mounted Jack
  • Superlube Hubs
  • 15" Silver Steel Wheels
  • High Performance Wood Walls
  • 3/4" High Performance Wood Flooring
  • Automotive Undercoating
  • Lauan Ceiling Liner Strip
  • Bullet LED Marker and Clearance Lights
  • *See our spec sheet standard features for more details
  • *Standard features may vary by plant and location and are subject to change. Please consult with your dealer.

Standard Colors


Optional Colors


Outback® DLX Enclosed Cargo Trailer

Your Affordable Hauling Solution.
Are you searching for an economical yet reliable enclosed cargo trailer? Look no further – Outback® DLX is here to meet your hauling needs without breaking the bank. Designed to provide practicality and efficiency, our Outback® DLX Economy Enclosed Cargo Trailer is the perfect companion for various hauling tasks. Whether you're moving, embarking on outdoor adventures, or transporting equipment, the Outback® DLX has got you covered.

Why Choose the Outback® DLX Economy Enclosed Cargo Trailer?
Tailored Sizes: Choose from a range of sizes to match your specific hauling requirements. Whether you're moving furniture or transporting equipment, you'll find the perfect dimensions without paying for more space than you need.

Available Models

Single Idler Axle: 5x8' - 5x10', 6x10' - 6x14'
Single Brake Axle: 6x10' - 6x14' and 7x12' - 7x14'
Tandem Brake Axle: 6x12', 7x12' - 7x16', 8.5x16 - 8.5x24'

Available GVWRs

Single Axle Idler GVWR: 2990#
Single Axle Brake GVWR: 3500#, 5000#
Tandem Axle Brake GVWR: 7000#, 9900#

Enhanced Convenience: The Outback® DLX comes equipped with an array of standard features designed to streamline your hauling experience, including:

Flat Top, V-Nose Profile: This aerodynamic design reduces wind resistance and enhances stability during towing.
Full Height Crossmembers: Sturdy crossmembers provide structural integrity, ensuring your cargo is well-supported and secure during transit.
Drop Axles: Lower trailer deck height for easier loading and unloading.
3/4" High-Performance Wood Floors: Durable wood floors built to withstand heavy loads over time.
Automotive Undercoating: Added protection against rust and corrosion, increasing trailer longevity.
Choice of Rear Ramp Door or Rear Swing Doors: Choose the door style that suits your loading preferences.
Aluminum Frame Side Entry Door with Flush Lock (optional on 5-wide models): Easy access with a secure flush lock for peace of mind.
Side Wall Airflow Vents: Strategically placed vents for proper cargo ventilation.
Color Matching Exterior Screws: Attention to detail extends to color-matched exterior screws that complement the trailer's appearance.
.030 Aluminum Exterior Skin: Many competitors in the entry-level space offer thinner, .024 exterior metal. Thicker, more durable .030 aluminum is standard on all Outback® DLX models.

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Embrace affordability without compromise! The Outback® DLX Economy Enclosed Cargo Trailer offers you the functionality you need without exceeding your budget. Make the smart choice and experience the convenience of hauling with a trailer that delivers performance and value.