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One of the advantages of using an enclosed cargo trailer for your business is that the exterior can double as a mobile advertising opportunity. From simple signage—a logo and web address or phone number—to a fully wrapped expression of your business creativity, there are many ways to add branding to enclosed cargo trailers. Pace American walks you through the process of choosing the best option for you.

Step 1. Determine your budget. You can set a budget in a few ways. The most common, of course, is the amount of money you have. If you have $500 for signage and no more—that’s your budget. However, if signage is just one part of an overall budget, consider the return on your investment. It’s possible that by paying a little more for a bolder, more elaborate design you will increase your visibility so much that the more expensive signage will gain you more customers and pay for itself quickly.

Step 2. Decide on your message. Keep in mind that most people will see your trailer while it’s on the road, moving. As with a billboard, where the sign stays in one place while the traffic moves past it, you will need to convey your information in a few seconds. So, you’ll want to consolidate the information into a short message with high visual impact. If you already have a company logo, image, or motto, that’s a good place to start. For example: MR. FIXIT – ‘IF WE CAN’T FIX IT, IT AIN’T BROKE!’ 555-919-1234. But, if your business is gardening, you might want to cover your landscape trailer with an image of a beautiful garden or a lush lawn, plus your business name and phone number or website. This type of signage instantly projects your type of business, the work you do, and offers contact information.

Step 3. Consider your options. Once you’ve established a budget and message, it’s time to look at the options available.

First, choose a trailer color. Standard cargo trailer colors include white and black. However, many Pace trailer models come in a range of colors, from silver and champagne to indigo blue, pewter, and red. Some models even have a two-tone exterior available. Consider which color will make your trailer stand out and how it will complement the signage.

Next, think about how you want to apply your signage. Options include:

a. Magnetic signs. Economical and easy to install, magnetic signs offer branding on a budget. You can usually design your sign online with lettering, contact information, and a logo, and they’ll ship it to you. Or you can visit your local sign company to do the work. When it’s ready, just place it on your trailer. Because magnetic signs tend to be on the small side, they work best on smaller trailers. Also, consider ordering three—for rear and both sides—and a reflective finish for night viewing.

b. Self-adhesive vinyl lettering. Vinyl trailer lettering comes pre-spaced and is easy to install yourself. You can also order custom decals with your logo or simple shapes and graphics to catch the eye and enhance branding.

c. Trailer graphics and decals. Custom-made for your trailer’s size and shape, full or partial graphic decals can offer bold images and designs. Some you can apply yourself, others must be professionally installed. Decals can also be removed.

d. Trailer wraps. If you really want to make an impression, give your cargo trailer a full or partial wrap. Professionally made vehicle wraps are typically printed on an adhesive-backed vinyl that’s sealed and protected with a UV laminate film for long wear and bright colors. Should you want to change your branding or sell your trailer, the wrap can be removed.

Whatever way you add graphics and branding, your first step is to choose a high-quality cargo trailer. Visit a Pace American Dealer and let them help you choose the trailer and options that are right for you.