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7 Tips For Choosing The Right Contractor Trailer

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When you’re looking for a contractor trailer for your business, you want to make sure it’s reliable and works as hard as you do. Whether you are hauling cargo long distances or need a heavy-duty enclosed cargo trailer for your job sites, there are certain considerations and features to think about before you shop. Things like use, construction, reliability, size, style, price, fuel efficiency and even appearance will factor into your decision.

1. What will the trailer be used for?

Do you need the trailer as a worksite office and shelter, for hauling cargo, or both? If it will haul cargo, what type of cargo? The size and weight will determine the interior space and payload capacity you should look for. Also, if you need to keep your cargo out of the elements, an enclosed trailer is a must.

2. What type of materials and construction should you look for?

An aluminum cargo trailer usually costs more than steel, but it is also lighter, which saves on fuel. Because aluminum won’t rust and is less likely to crack than steel, aluminum trailers usually have lower maintenance and a higher resale value.

The choice of screw or screwless construction is often a matter of preference, so long as you choose a well-made trailer. However, a screwless exterior helps keep the rust away and looks better under a wrap.

3. Should you choose a V-nose or flat-nose style?

Again, this is a matter of choice. However, if the trailer will be on the road a lot, a V-nose trailer will help you maneuver better in windy conditions.

4. Choosing the height and width of enclosed cargo trailers depends on several factors.

First, will your cargo fit inside? Second, if you will be using it as a contractor trailer, you’ll want to make sure your staff has plenty of headroom. Third, if fuel economy is a consideration, note that matching the trailer height to the rig height will lessen drag. Overall, lower trailers generally improve fuel mileage. Finally, make sure the trailer’s width will fit through any narrow passages and jobsite gates you’ll regularly encounter.

5. Speaking of height, what about the roof?

The dome of a rounded roof adds more interior height and allows rain, snow, and debris to run off more easily. But, a flat roof can work well, too. Either way, a one-piece roof will hold up better over time and is less likely to leak.

6. Structure is very important in a heavy-duty cargo trailer.

A 16” on center frame, sidewalls, and roof bows provide strength and stability. Also, look for torsion axles for durability when racking up miles on the road.

7. Speaking of the road, radial vs. bias tires?

When choosing a cargo trailer for industrial or commercial use, radial tires will provide durability, longevity, and a smoother ride.

Pace American’s PXT extreme heavy-duty enclosed trailer provides rugged durability for all your contract and commercial needs. Available in 7’ and 8.5’ widths and several length options, this heavy-duty enclosed trailer comes loaded with standard features, including:

• Aluminum Tube Main Frame Construction
• .030 aluminum screwless exterior
• Aluminum framed double rear doors
• 16” O.C. Frame
• 16” O.C. Sidewalls
• 16” O.C. Roof Bows
• Torsion Axles
• 15” Radial Tires
• One-Piece Aluminum Roof
• Smooth Aluminum Fenders
• 24″ Stoneguard
• Aluminum Framed Double Rear Doors
• 32” Aluminum Framed Door with Flush Lock
• Roof Vent
• 7-Way Trailer Plug
• LED Tail and Clearance Lights and (2) LED Dome Lights and Switch
• Automotive Undercoating
• Limited 3-Year Warranty

Several options and upgrades are also available.

Call or visit one of our knowledgeable and helpful dealers for help determining which Pace American PXT enclosed cargo trailer best meets your needs.