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Cargo Trailer Doors 101

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When shopping for an enclosed cargo trailer you want to be certain it’s well constructed, maneuverable, and has all the best safety features for your investment. But, if you can’t get your cargo—and yourself—in and out of the trailer easily, well, that’s a problem. At Pace American, we’ve got trailer door options for your cargo-hauling needs.

Rear Doors
This is where you’ll be loading and unloading most of your cargo. The first basic choice is barn doors or a ramp door. Your choice will usually depend on the type of cargo you haul, how you load, and your personal preference.

Barn door advantages:

  • Preferable if you back up to a dock
  • Doors can easily be closed and locked if you step away from the trailer
  • More compact when you’re working, because you don’t need to leave room for the extended ramp
  • You can use the interior of the barn doors for storage

Ramp door advantages:

  • You can wheel tools and materials in and out without carrying a portable ramp
  • You don’t have to step up into the trailer
  • No lifting cargo in and out
  • Preferable if you haul vehicles (motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, etc.)

If you opt for a ramp door, you may want to consider the following options (all available on Pace enclosed cargo trailers):

  • An ATP hinge cover to prevent road debris and the elements from damaging ramp hinges
  • Traction strips to keep from slipping on the ramp
  • Ramp extensions (especially useful for loading vehicles)

Side Doors
Side doors are useful when you want to enter or exit the trailer without having to open the ramp or barn doors. They provide an extra measure of safety and convenience. Your choices for the number of doors and widths are often dependent on the size of the trailer.

Standard side door choices include:

  • Single or double doors in various widths
  • Escape doors
  • Access doors

Pace American trailer doors feature aluminum framing and many styles have flush locks.

Useful options to consider:

  • Aluminum pull-out steps that make getting in and out easier
  • Flush lock with a deadbolt for extra security
  • A beavertail, which eases the loading angle for cargo

As you can see, when you’re looking to buy a cargo trailer, doors, and door options, are important considerations. Your Pace American Trailer dealer will walk you through all the choices and help you select the perfect door and options to make your hauling experience easy and convenient.