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5 Summer Activities To-Do with Enclosed Cargo Trailers

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There are so many uses for enclosed trailers, especially when the weather turns warmer. Whether you bought a cargo trailer for work or play, summer is the best time to discover all the different ways you can enjoy it. From taking care of household chores to family excursions, we have some suggestions for things to do with your enclosed cargo trailer in the summertime.

1. Geocaching

Looking to explore? All you need is transportation and the Geocaching app (or a GPS device) to find cleverly hidden containers called geocaches. reports there are geocaches in 190 countries—and some may be right in your neighborhood. This form of treasure hunting is a fun and educational activity to do as a family or with friends. Load your cargo trailer with camping gear and bikes and set out for a great adventure!

2. Go off-road

Summer is the perfect time to ride ATVs or dirt bikes. You get to enjoy the outdoors with your friends exploring trails and dunes, leaving everyday cares behind. If you own your own ATVs, the right size cargo trailer can haul them. If you rent your vehicles, use your trailer to bring your gear, mountain bikes, refreshments, and anything else you need to camp or cook with.

3. Makeover your yard

If you’ve been thinking of putting in a fire pit, re-doing the pavers on your walkway, or planting new trees and shrubs, now’s the time to take action. Your cargo trailer can make the trip to and from the hardware store or nursery a breeze. You can also haul pool equipment and supplies, lawn and patio furniture, and play equipment the whole family can enjoy.

4.  Hit the flea market trail

Summertime means flea markets and yard sales. Map out a route for bargain- and treasure-hunting—with your trailer in tow—and you won’t have to pass up that antique secretary being sold or the vintage pinball machine you’ve been pursuing for years.

5. Declutter

Surrounded by too much stuff? Studies show that clutter causes stress. Make more space in your home and enjoy the sense of calm you get from a more streamlined environment by cleaning out the basement, attic, garage, and other areas in your home. Then load the still-usable clothing, furniture, etc. into your trailer and take it to your local donation center. 

Finally, don’t forget you can customize a Pace trailer with a camper trailer package that includes room for a double- or queen-sized bed. This option makes your trailer even more versatile for summer activities.

We’re sure you can find even more uses for an enclosed trailer this summer. Your local Pace Trailers dealer can help you find the right cargo trailer for your work, home, and family needs.