Pace American | Feature Video Callout | 2023 NATDA Show Trailer: Shadow GT Car Hauler Trailer | Pace American Trailers highlights in detail our Shadow GT Race Trailer. The Shadow GT Car Hauler is a premium, multipurpose widebody trailer.

Pace American | Feature Callout | Shadow GT Race Trailer | 2023 NATDA Show Trailer

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The Shadow® GT Trailer that will be appearing at the 2023 NATDA Trailer Show in Nashville, TN comes in a wide range of sizes and features a rich lineup of standards to meet the needs of your car hauling experience.

Included in this luxury 2023 NATDA show trailer are some of the following features and upgrades:

– 6″ Triple Tube Tongue and Main Frame

– Adjustable Coupler

– Exterior Motorbase Plugin

  48″ Side Door

– Aluminum Pullout Step

– Exterior A/C Outlets

– Split Torsion Axles w/ Aluminum Wheels

– LED Load Lights in 6″ Rear Spoiler

– LED Stop Turn Taillights and ID Lights

– Rear Stab Jacks

– Ramp Door w/ Extension

– Spring Loaded Power Switch

– Ultimate Escape Door w/ ATT. Wheel Box

– 3/4″ Stable Deck Floor w/ 4″ Beavertail

– 5K LB D-Rings

– Carpeted and Insulated Side Walls

– Black Coin Flooring

– Deluxe LED Cove Lights

– Spare Tire

– Top Fuel Switches

– Base and Overhead Cabinets

– 30A, 110V Panel

– 12V Battery and 45A Converter/Charger

– Roof Vent w/ Brace & Wiring for HVAC

As you can tell, our car hauler car hauler trailer boasts a remarkable array of features that will revolutionize your hauling experience. Let’s dive into the details of what makes our Shadow® GT Car Hauler Trailer the ultimate choice for car enthusiasts, businesses, and anyone in need of a reliable cargo carrier.

1. Sturdy Construction for Endurance

Our car hauler cargo trailer has a sturdy build, thanks to its 6″ Triple Tube Tongue and Main Frame. It’s a robust foundation that can handle even the toughest loads, ensuring your cargo arrives safely.

2. Versatile Hitching with Adjustable Coupler

Our adjustable coupler makes hitching a breeze. It’s designed for flexibility, so you can easily connect it to a variety of towing vehicles.

3. On-the-Go Power Access

Stay powered up wherever you go with the Exterior Motorbase Plugin. Keep your essential equipment running, whether it’s for work or leisure.

4. Quick and Easy Access

With a 48″ Side Door, loading and unloading your cargo is hassle-free. No more struggling to maneuver your items through a narrow entry.

5. Safe and Convenient Entry

The Aluminum Pullout Step provides a secure and stable platform for getting in and out of your trailer.

6. Stay Connected

Our Exterior A/C Outlets keep you connected and powered up, making it perfect for events or when you need to use electronic devices on the go.

7. Smooth Ride with Superior Wheels

Experience a smooth ride with Split Torsion Axles and Aluminum Wheels, ensuring your cargo stays secure during transit.

8. Illuminated Loading

LED Load Lights in the 6″ Rear Spoiler and LED Stop Turn Taillights provide excellent visibility and safety, even during nighttime operations.

9. Stability Matters

Rear Stab Jacks ensure your trailer remains steady during loading and unloading operations.

10. Easy Loading and Unloading

The Ramp Door with Extension simplifies the loading and unloading process for vehicles of all sizes.

11. Convenient Controls

With a Spring Loaded Power Switch, controlling your trailer’s systems is a breeze.

12. Ultimate Accessibility

The Ultimate Escape Door with ATT. Wheel Box provides a secondary entry point, perfect for emergencies or quick access.

13. Durable Flooring

Our 3/4″ Stable Deck Floor with a 4″ Beavertail can withstand heavy-duty use and is easy to clean.

14. Secure Your Cargo

5K LB D-Rings are strategically placed to secure your cargo effectively, ensuring it stays in place during transport.

15. Comfortable Interior

Enjoy a comfortable and insulated interior with Carpeted and Insulated Side Walls and Black Coin Flooring.

16. Illuminate Your Space

Deluxe LED Cove Lights offer a well-lit interior, making it easy to work or load and unload cargo, even in low-light conditions.

17. Peace of Mind

With a Spare Tire on hand, you’re always prepared for unexpected situations on the road.

18. Control at Your Fingertips

Top Fuel Switches provide convenient control over your trailer’s features.

19. Organize and Store

Base and Overhead Cabinets offer ample storage for tools, equipment, and supplies.

20. Power Anywhere

A 30A, 110V Panel, along with a 12V Battery and 45A Converter/Charger, ensures you have power whenever you need it.

21. Stay Comfortable

A Roof Vent with Brace and Wiring for HVAC lets you stay comfortable in any weather.

In conclusion, our car hauler cargo trailer is a game-changer for anyone in need of a reliable and feature-packed trailer. Whether you’re transporting vehicles, equipment, or supplies, our trailer offers the durability, convenience, and functionality you demand. Don’t settle for less – choose our car hauler cargo trailer for your hauling needs.

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