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The WhiteOut by Pace American

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Aluminum Snowmobile & ATV Trailers The WhiteOut is what happens when asphalt meets fresh powder. What do we mean by that? With this enclosed snowmobile trailer, you’ll seamlessly transition from the open road to the rocky trails and thick snow with little to no effort. It’s the perfect lightweight trailer for hauling your snowmobile near and far, then taking the ATV out …

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Spotlight on AeroSport: A Snowmobile Trailer That Hauls It All

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Here’s a question for active people who like to play outdoors with their toys: do you take aerodynamics into consideration when you drive or ride? If so, why not when choosing a trailer? The more you haul—snowmobiles, cars, ATVs, or bikes—the more you’ll appreciate the smooth drive and fuel-saving benefits of an AeroSport snowmobile trailer from Pace American.   AeroSport …

How to Prep Your Enclosed Snowmobile Trailer for Winter

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Winter brings snowmobile season. But, is your snowmobile trailer ready to go? If it’s been sitting in storage, you’ll want to make sure it’s clean and in good condition before heading out. Pace American Trailers recommends you take the following basic steps before you hit the trails.  Take your snowmobile trailer out of storage and wash/detail it with car or …