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Inner-City Towing Tips

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Most in the trailer industry have had the experience of towing a trailer through a big city at some point. This can be a nerve-racking experience even for experienced towers. Merging in and out of traffic and switching lanes in time to safely make the next exit can be challenging, especially in an unfamiliar city. To top it off, road …

Official Ally of Trailer Safety Week

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Pace American is proud of another year as an official ally of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturer’s Trailer Safety Week. With millions of people traveling our roadways each day for business, recreational, and government purposes, trailer safety is more important than ever to keep our roads safe. Our goal of this partnership is to raise awareness about trailer and …

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The Tredit Advantage Roadside Assistance Program

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If your Pace American cargo trailer has Tredit Tires on it, you are eligible for the Tredit Advantage Program (Tredit Tire Roadside Assistance). Pace American is proudly partnered with Tredit Tire and Wheel Company. With this partnership, any Pace American customer that purchases a cargo trailer with Tredit tires is eligible for the Tredit Advantage Program on the Tredit Advantage …