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The WhiteOut by Pace American

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Aluminum Snowmobile & ATV Trailers The WhiteOut is what happens when asphalt meets fresh powder. What do we mean by that? With this enclosed snowmobile trailer, you’ll seamlessly transition from the open road to the rocky trails and thick snow with little to no effort. It’s the perfect lightweight trailer for hauling your snowmobile near and far, then taking the ATV out …

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All New Ultimate Escape Door Package

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Our new, innovative, patent pending escape door provides the ultimate convenience when hauling your vehicle. Loading your vehicle has never been faster with an attached fender box that lifts automatically with the escape door. The interior camlock draws the door in and provides the ultimate in security and protection. By optioning a curbside door, you eliminate blind spots and hard …

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OPTIONS, UPGRADES, AND SOME INGENUITY If you head to Pinterest, you’ll find countless homemade customizations that have been implemented to enclosed trailers. From integrated bathrooms to wall-to-wall workshops and even tiny homes, the uses for enclosed cargo trailers are nearly endless. At Pace American, we like to give our owners a head start with a lineup of cargo trailer options …

Pace American is Proud to be an Official Ally of Trailer Safety Week

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June 2-8, 2019 is Trailer Safety Week, and Pace American is proud to be an official ally! With so many people using trailers across the United States, from personal to commercial use, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of proper trailer towing. This includes maintenance, loading, storage, and related topics. And as a manufacturer and supplier of trailers …

Cargo Trailer Tires and Wheels

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You’ve Got Options: Cargo Trailer Tires and Wheels While it’s certainly not the most exciting blog you’ll read today, it just may be the most helpful if you’re looking to complete your cargo trailer with the most essential travel element—the wheels. Just as you would consider the door type, the tie-downs, and the exterior color on your enclosed trailer, there …

6 New Trends in the Food Truck Market

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We Help Put Your Concession Trailer to Good Use Food truck businesses became super popular in the late 2000s, when people were looking for alternative employment—or a side income—in the wake of the financial crisis. All you needed was a concession trailer (aka vending trailer), a license, and a product—and you were in business. Today, food trucks are still popular, …

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Spotlight on AeroSport: A Snowmobile Trailer That Hauls It All

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Here’s a question for active people who like to play outdoors with their toys: do you take aerodynamics into consideration when you drive or ride? If so, why not when choosing a trailer? The more you haul—snowmobiles, cars, ATVs, or bikes—the more you’ll appreciate the smooth drive and fuel-saving benefits of an AeroSport snowmobile trailer from Pace American.   AeroSport …